Find Creative Florists for Venues

It is a known fact that flowers and plant material enable people to feel comfortable in their surroundings.

Collectively, The Flower Smiths have years of experience enhancing architectural ambiance with floral displays to wow and welcome guests at a range of venues across the South West.

So, you can continue taking chances with untried florists, or you can hand over the hassle of finding a florist for your venue to the Flower Smiths. We’ll find the right florist for the right event or the right client, and we will expertly take care of everything, from design to proposals through to quality execution and clearing. Customer service means something to us.

Our florist for venue’s service is completely free of charge. You’ve got nothing to lose but your worries.

As a floral design consultancy
we provide an expert full floral service including:

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Weddings and Other Events

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In House Flowers

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Creative Floral Workshops

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Gift Bouquets for Guests